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Welcome to FuturaPromo you can get advantage of our finest embellishment services at www.futurapromo.com/ this page will let you recognize about your rights and responsibilities and what you can await from our side.

We do possess the power to change/modify any of these terms and conditions without prior notice to our clients for latest updating please stick with this page regular basis. If you disagree with any of the rules and conditions you may discontinue to use our services and if you still continue to using our services it will be considered that you blindly agree with our terms and conditions.

FuturaPromo Services

FuturaPromo provides services like screen printing, custom embroidery on products like company T-shirts, dress shirts, business shirts, uniform shirts, golf and polo T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, caps, scrubs, tote bags, sports bags, briefcases, backpacks, blankets, aprons, towels, etc. apart from our services we also provide other services like message boards, contests, and newsletters, which may change from time to time and to know about the changes you should update yourself by opening our website.

Usage of the Website and FuturaPromo Services

You should first agree to bound by our T&C and then start exploring our website and taste our services.

FuturaPromo will only provide its services to you if you are over 18 years of age. If in any case you are under 18 years of age and want to taste our services then you should use our services under the supervision of your parents who truly agrees with our T&C.

Solely owns the property and rights of the www.futurapromo.com/ you have no right to use our web site content and images on any other political program and if you do we are not responsible for whatever legal action related to that.

FuturaPromo grants you access to use our services and explore our website, but we do not grant you access and right to use our website’s data on other platforms of the internet and if you do we have the right to take website usage access from you.

FuturaPromo also offers various third party services on their website and if you intend to use these third a party services you must comply with their terms and conditions. FuturaPromo has no control on these third party services and if any of their T&C conflicts with FuturaPromo’s T&C you must comply with this T&C

General Rules

(a) You may only use the FuturaPromo website with the access given by the website owner. You may not harm the website or FuturaPromo services through any means.

(b) You may not infect the website software with viruses, malware or any other technology which is designed to affect software or hardware.

(c) You may not access the website with the intention to disrupt the futuraPromo services through any means.

(d) You may not try to modify, create and delete any of the website content, you also may not try to access the user's host or network data and disrupt it.

(e) Sending a virus, overloading, flooding, spamming will be considered purely against of our terms and conditions.

(f) Usage of spambots, encourage any third party in engaging in any activity, accessing client's emails and personal information though any technology is strictly prohibited.

Create and Buy General Rules and License

As a part of our services FuturaPromo grants you access to upload images, audio, data and other content to the website which will be publicly available. FuturaPromo also possess the right to delete, modify or update your uploaded data if we find any inappropriate content in it.

Reservation of Rights

FuturaPromo can change, delete, discontinue any of its services and won't be answerable to you or any of the third parties. FuturaPromo shall have the complete right to change and modify the organizational structure, looks and feel without any prior notice to you.

Limitation of Liability

FuturaPromo will not be liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect, punitive or special damages (including damages relating to lost profits, lost data or loss of goodwill) related to services or due to any connection with FuturaPromo.


We would like you to know that when you submit questions, suggestions, comments, ideas, contest entries etc. you grant FuturaPromo the right to use such information or submissions for marketing and other promotional purposes. You cannot bring claims on FuturaPromo for "moral rights ".


You hereby hold FuturaPromo and its employees, shareholders, managers, agents, directors, affiliates harmless from any of the damage, loss or expenditure that occurred in any connection with any third party claim through any of the reason or act. If you have to underwrite FuturaPromo under this section, FuturaPromo possess the right to control the settlement, defense, resolution of any claim against you and at your sole expense. You cannot resolve any claim without FuturaPromo express permission.


FuturaPromo possess the right to termination any of its services and website without any prior notice to its clients.

FuturaPromo may suspend, limit your access to any of its services and website.

FuturaPromo can also terminate your account.

FuturaPromo possess the right to remove your uploaded comments, data reviews from our servers and directories forever and won’t be answerable to anybody.

FuturaPromo can interdict you from using our services and website.


FuuraPromo will deliver all required changes in T&C in written to other parties through following methods

(i) U.S. mail

(ii) Overnight courier

(iii) Electronic mail

Dispute Resolution

All disputes arising related to FuturaPromo services or website with these Terms & Conditions will be resolved in Manassas County, Virginia and all of the disputes will be treated according to the law of Virginia. Each party is required to submit personal jurisdiction of the Federal and Virginia State courts in Manassas County.

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