Frequently Asked Questions

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Order Placement & Payment

Q.1 How do I place my order?
We reckon placing an order is the main part of getting what you desire. We reckon it should be user friendly and simple. On FuturaPromo website, you will find a most user friendly order placing procedure. Here we lay stress on a person to person connection from beginning to end. If you feel doubt in any step please don't hesitate to contact your support team at 703-880-8230.
1. Placing an Order / Getting Order Code
  • Choose the desired product you want, and then click on "CLICK HERE FOR PRICE / ORDER NOW" button. Now call our sales representatives at this number 703-880-8230. You can also contact us via our email address at
  • Our sales representative will take you further from there and assist you throughout the process from order placement to payment.
2. Submitting Artwork
It would be great if you send us your artwork in. AI or .EPS file, but if in any case you don't know how to convert them then no need to worry, you can just simly send us your artworks in any file format you have, we will later on convert it for you. Send us your artwork at
3. Review and Approve Order and Digital Proof of same
After reviving necessary details from you we will review it and send you a fax or E- mail within one business day which will include confirmation of your artwork approval and order acknowledgement in it. We won’t start the production process until we get a signal of approval from your side.
4.Order shipment
Normally it usually takes 5 to 7 business days to complete average production process. We start production process only after artwork and order approval. Shipping of order takes place after production completion and shipping time is 5 to 10 working days.
Q.2 How and when do I have to pay for my order?
Because we are in the business of custom embroidery and screen printing, we require full payment at the time of order placement. We accept Checks and Money orders, Discover and American Express Credit Cards, Master Card and we also accept payments via Amazon payments. We reckon a good business runs with good customer relation that is why everything we sell, we provide a 10 year unconditional guarantee on it. If in any case you don't find your final product not up-to your exception, we will replace your order or refund your whole money.
Q.3 How can I check my order status?
After you complete your order placement process, we will provide you an order number with the help of which you can track your order status. If in any case you don't have your order number there is no need to worry, you can contact support sales representative he would be really happy to assist you.
Q.4 What modes of payment do you accept?
We do accept Discover and American Express credit cards, Master Card and we also accept payments via Amazon payments, E- Cards, Pay Pal, Checks and Money orders. We accept money orders and checks in U.S currency. We also would like to inform you that if you choose check or money order as a payment method, it may delay the shipping process because first we will wait for your check or money order to be received by us and then after clearance of fund we will release the order.
Q.5 Do you also offer rush service?
We truly understand that situation where your boss just drops a huge project on your shoulder and now you in burden to complete it effectively, that is why we also offer rush service for thousands of our products. You can choose from our shipping methods according to your need. Overnight, 2 days, 3 days are highly used by our most customers to meet their project deadline. Depending on the item you choose additional rush charges may apply. Because you want to get your order as fast as possible, we have to do hurry that is why on rush delivery most of the items can only be printed with a maximum of one color. For more information and to know if your desired item falls under rush delivery or not, please contact us at 703-880-8230.
Q.6 What is the minimum order quantity?
We haven't set any minimum quantity bar for placing embroidered and digitally printed product order. However, there is small 19.95$ order processing fee for 1-3 digital or printed items. We also provide discounts on large quantity items depending on their size and order including hard goods. Promotional products like mugs, pens as well as screen printed clothes do have a minimum requirement bar based on the item you desire. Our sales representative would love to update you with more information on minimum order and discounts on large quantities please contact us at 703-880-8230.
Q.7 Is it possible to order less than the stated minimum?
We do understand not everyone needs 200 T-shirts or mugs that is why, there is no minimum bar on the embroidered and digitally printed product, however, there is a small order processing fee $19.95 for 1-3 digital or printed items. Our promotional products like drink ware, pens, etc. does have a minimum order quantity bar which is based on the item you desire. Our sales representative would love to update you with more information on minimum order and discounts on large quantities please contact us at 703-880-8230.
Q.8 What if I cannot find the product online that I am looking for?
FuturaPromo is dedicated to provide customer satisfaction at any cost. We already have thousands of products and items available in our collection for you, but if in any case you don't find your desired product on our website we would love to create it for you or let you know where it is actually listed. Our customer care manager would be more than happy to assist you with the product you desire please contact him at 703-880-8230.
Q.9 Are there any hidden/other charges I should know about?
Our company policy strictly disallows us to apply hidden charges on your order. All of the applicable charges will be FULLY DISCLOSED to you before order placement. We offer more than 500,000 products in our website so each and every product may have extra charge according to the services you select with it as stated below. But don't worry each penny we add you will be aware of it with the genuine reason.

  • Specialty Packaging or protect packaging (Ceramic Mugs & Glassware Only)
  • Additional Print Locations
  • Additional Colors
  • Product Upgrades
  • Pantone Matching System (PMS) Color
  • Order Cancellation
  • Split Shipments
All of the changes made after authorization & approval of order.
Q.10 Can I order different colors or do all the items have to be the same color?
You can mix colors according to your taste or desire, you can even choose each color differently on your logo if you want and then decide what color you want to add to your cart. Still confused? You can always consult our logo specialists to know the best appropriate color for your logo.

Logos & Art Work

Q.1 How can I get my logo to you?
You can get your logo to us through multiple ways for example
E Mail US at
Mail us your logo at the following address:
Futura Embroidery and Promotional Solutions
9003 Robson Dr. Manassas, VA 20110
Phone: 7038808230
Simply contact our manager through this number 703-880-8230. He would be more than happy to assist you.  
Q.2 What type of formats do you accept?
It would be really great if you send us 100% sized files or at least 600 dpi. We would also appreciate if you send us files converted to curves before sending. If in any case you don't know about file formats and conversion process, send us the file as it is we will convert it into a necessary file format for you.
Q.3 How much it will cost to set up a logo for embroidery?
Totally depends on your logo. If your logo falls under the standard category in which 11000 stitches includes then we will do it for free for your first standard size logo. More than 90% of our client's logos are created under 11,000 stitches and if your stitch count goes beyond that you will be charged accordingly. If you think that your logo would not fall in the standard category logo, then you can consult our logo expert, he will guide you for free. If we discover that your logo can be adjusted in standard category without losing it's spark then we will also suggest you that without any additional fees. If you want us to setup additional standard size, logos, or oversized logos then you will be charged on order submission and our work is totally guaranteed. If you have any further doubts you can contact us via e-mail and phone number.
Q.4 How do I submit my artwork to you?
You can simply email your artwork to us at this or you can also upload it on our website. If you are facing any difficulty in sending your artwork to us, please feel free to contact us via this number 703-880-8230.
Q.5 How long is my artwork kept on file?
We usually keep our customer's artwork in the artwork file sorted according to date and item ordered until we receive a request of removal of artwork by the creator itself. We assure you that we don’t share any of your customer artwork with the outer world. Your artwork is safe & secure on our servers. Usually the time period of an artwork stay in our files is 2 years.
Q.6 Are there any restrictions for the logo?
In order to deliver excellence in our custom products we have applied few restrictions on the logo design that you provide us.

  • Embroidered logo may not be larger than 4" x 4".
  • No element of the logo can be smaller than ¼" in height.
  • It is highly recommended by us that you avoid small text.
We would be more than happy to assist you in the clearance of your doubts.  

Shipping & Handling Issues

Q.1 What shipping method do you use?
• We highly rely on UPS for shipping sphere. • FedEx and UPS require signature of the receiver so you must be available at your home or office to accept the package. • Please provide us a valid shipping address and phone number for timely delivery. • After package completion we will provide you a tracking number so that you can monitor your package travelling status and get ready for accepting the package. • If in any case delivery person finds you unavailable to accept the package delivery person will leave a notice and in that case delivery will not be considered as late and shipping charges won't be refunded if you are not available for signing your package delivery form. • Orders are not delivered on Saturdays, Sundays and other special holidays.
Q.2 Do you ship internationally?
We can deliver it to any part of the world you want. FuturaPromo delivers its products internationally using UPS and FedEx international service. Please contact our shipping manager for freight cost details.
Q.3 What is a ship date? What if I have an important deadline?
Most of the time our client's get their products before their deadline, but we also want you to be aware of that, shipping company is not under our control, if in any case your package meets you later then you cannot call us responsible for that. In some cases we try to use other fast shipping methods to meet the client before deadlines that falls under rush services and you will be charged for it accordingly. Under normal circumstances we assure you that your product will reach you on time, we cannot promise the exact time and date but it will meet you before the deadline. The best way to get your package delivered before time is to order early, especially if you are looking forward for promotional items and gifts. Keep in mind that is major holidays are occurring in your deadlines, order a week prior to ensure that you get your package delivered before time because holidays can increase the package delivery time.
Q.4 What is the cost of Shipping & Handling?
Shipping and handling charges totally depend on the size of your order. For any further doubts clearance and details please contact our shipping manager at 703-880-8230
Q.5 Can I have my order ship to a different address from my billing address?
Of course! Why not. Simply at the time of order placement tell us where you want your order to be delivered and we will make sure it gets delivered there. You must be present at the time of delivery of the order, although you will get a phone call or email 2 days prior from delivery of your order.  
Q.6 How long will it take to receive my order?
Under normal circumstances, it takes 5 to 10 business days to ship your order. However, it takes a bit more time than usual because of holidays and other reasons. But you can give us a call and inform us about your deadline and we will make it our deadline.

Order Cancellation & Product Returns

Q.1 What is the return policy?
We truly believe that buying products from the internet can be risky sometimes that is why, we have hired embellishment industry professionals to get your work done efficiently and to achieve your satisfaction. Before production starts we will show you a sample of work which is about to go in the production department and production process won't start until we get your signal of approval. Because these products are custom imprinted products, they are of no use for us or for our other clients, so there is no return policy for these kinds of products. We do accept blank merchandise products, but you will be charged 15% for restocking fee. We also want you to be aware of that incomplete or unauthorized returns are not accepted.

In any case you reckon that there is an error in your received package, please contact our customer support executive. Please note down following points Contact us within 5 days after you receive a package in case of any error found. Claims made after 5 days will not be considered or reviewed.

  • We possess the right to take seven business days to consider and review your stated error.
  • Within 2 working days you will get refund, returns or any credit after the review process.
  • Please contact our customer care support for our payment policy.
  • NO returns will be taken into our consideration after 15 days of delivery. In case we don't find any fault in your order, you will, we charged $25 and a processing fee of 5% transaction fee on the order amount exceeding $1,000.00.
Q.2 What is the cancellation policy?
Once we get a signal of approval from your side, production process takes place and shipped quickly to reach you on time. But if in any case you want to make changes in your order you can but you will have to hurry and inform us before production process is complete, In other words as fast as possible to save yours and our loss. It would be really great of you to inform us about any change you want at the time of order acknowledgement and artwork approval. For cancellations your will be charged with $30 service fee and production charges occurred at that current time. Production charges include setup charges, digitizing (embroidery), restocking fees (15% of item price), art charges, paper or product proofs or shipping charge. For any further information contact our customer care support he would be more than happy to assist you. The best way we could suggest you to avoid cancellation headache is to review your artwork and final sample before saying YES. Making wise decisions will save you lots of money.
Q.3 What if I am not happy with the final product?
We truly believe that you should not keep what you don't like that is why we are here to help you. At FuturaPromo we offer only optimum quality fabric clothing which is especially hand picked by fashion designers and embellishment professionals. Every layer of clothing you see on our website is already checked by strict eyes of our expert team. We are committed to deliver excellence to our clients at any cost. If your item is imprinted it is not refundable because it is not valuable for us. But you can refund your money or replace the item which is not IMPRINTED within 90 days. To avoid this loss and headache we suggest you to ask our sales representative for a sample before making any or purchase.

Customer Care Service

Q.1 How do I contact Customer Care Service?
Have any doubts or need assistance you can reach us through the following methods
Write us at our Mailing Address :
Futura Embroidery and Promotional Solutions
9003 Robson Dr. Manassas, VA 20110
Phone: 7038808230
Mail Us At :
Call Us At : 703-880-8230.
Office Hours Monday - to - Friday, 8:00am – 6:00pm CST, excluding major holidays.
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