FuturaPromo "Complete Guarantee"

We Assure You That We Have Been Doing This For Years, and You Can Count On FuturaPromo

If you haven’t ordered any product from internet ever before or from a familiar website lots of questions would take place in your mind.

  • Are these people faithful?
  • Are they going to deliver exactly what I ordered?
  • Will they deliver the package before the deadline?
  • Can I count on them for quality product?
  • How much time this process is going to take?
  • Are they going to handle your project by themselves or going to hand it over further?
  • Have they ever done it before?
  • Are they asking genuine price for my work?

We totally agree with your questions and we believe that these are quite natural questions when you are about to make a deal with someone non familiar. Keep reading we are going to make sure in the end you get all the answers and most importantly satisfaction.

FuturaPromo Provides Risk-Free Guarantee On Their Products

FuturaPromo provides a genuine guarantee that you will get your package when you want them the way you want them on any part of this planet and if you want your package to be delivered on the moon we can do that too.

We assure you that your package will reach on time and it will reach you exactly the way you expected it to be but if in any case you are not satisfied with the final delivered product or you find it different from the acknowledgement you signed before the production process we will recreate your order in the exact correct manner and send it again. In other rare cases you get your product broken or defaced, we will either do it again from scratch or refund your money. We are dedicated to making good customer relations that is why we very rigidly follow our risk-free guarantee scheme.

Our Low & Genuine Price Guarantee

We are running a company here that is how we truly comprehend that price matters a lot!

If you find a lower price from somewhere else on any product that you have bought from FuturaPromo within 30 days or on the product that you are planning to buy please contact our sales representative we would love to match the pricing. In fact, we are strictly solemn about our low price guarantee scheme that we will refund 110% of the difference in price. The low pricing scheme will get applied to the same product, same size, same color and same print.

FuturaPromo Product Delivery Guarantee

Under normal situation (Excluding serious situations like natural disasters, zombie apocalypse, etc.) we assure you that you will get your package on or before your given deadline.

We also want you to know that FututaPromo will not be responsible for the delays from the side of shipment company that is delivering your package. In the few cases where the order is huge and there is a chance we will miss the shipping date we ship the merchandise through faster shipment methods to deliver your package before or on time. The extra cost of faster shipping will be tackled by us because we really like you from the bottom of our heart. However FuturaPromo cannot promise the exact day, date and time of your package arrival, we are good, but because we don’t have those super powers to see the future.

Tip: Always see if there are any national holidays lying in your project submission deadline if yes then place your order 6-10 days prior.

Hard Paper or Electronic Proof of Payment

We know that you hate those additional charges that is why we assure you that we don’t work in this way.

FuturaPromo is here to deliver transcendence at the lowest price, but we are not here to shatter your budget. $10 for this, 20 bucks for that, we really believe that is the totally unprofessional way of working and falls under the category of bluff with the customer. At FuturaPromo you won't encounter any hidden or additional charges, this is how we maintain our quality at its peak and deliver the product at a lower price. While making a deal at FuturaPromo we will make you aware of the reason why you are paying each penny by sending you an approval, which will include design you choose of production and price for same. We can send you the acknowledgement via Email or fax whatever is convenient, you can specify it at the time of order placement. (We wish! We could send the acknowledgement via Spiderman, but this guy is damn expensive and we have a budget to be taken care of. )

Free Artwork or Logo Design

It is in your mind what you actually need but you cannot get it out on a paper, simply e-mail us your logo idea so that we can help you with this problem!

At FuturaPromo we have award winner logo creators & designers who will be more than happy to help you. All you need is to e-mail us your idea or call our customer support executive they will help you in making your design in real without any charge. How do they do it? The first reason is these guys are highly trained professionals who tackle these problems on every day basis, secondly, we have a wide variety of logos available at our website OR we have a bond with Embroidery Designs they have a wide variety of logos which can give you millions of logo designs to select and our expert will customize it according to your need. Step ahead and select the design you want, explore the world of logo designs.

Superlative & Tremendous Customer Care Service

At FuturaPromo we hire user friendly customer service representatives to serve you better. A very big problem that a customer face with customer care services is every time he calls he encounters new executive to whom he describes his problem from the scratch again.

We truly understand this headache and know the real pain. We also hate to be bounced like a bouncing ball (Although we love bouncing balls). At FuturaPromo we will assign only one customer care executive to you from the time of inquiry to order delivery. You will be attended by the same executive every time you call he will stand with you for your doubts clearence and update you with the information related to your order.

Free Quick and Easy 24/7 Rush Service

Your boss just dropped a huge project on you and the deadline is near! No problem, we also offer premium rush service in which we deliver your package through fastest means.

At FuturaPromo we offer rush services on most of our items for little or no fees. You can call our charming customer care executive to know either your desired item can be delivered with rush service or not.

0% Order Processing Fees

We really don’t want your closet full of unwanted things that is why we follow 0% order processing fees.

Unlike others, we don’t charge our customers for order processing fees if they order small package or their order amount is lower than our minimum order bard because we don’t have any. We only embolden our customers to buy only products they actually want. You won’t be charged a penny as order processing fees even you buy a single T-Shirt product or your total bill is $1. However, we want you to know that customization is a very effort taking process and that's what makes it expensive and sophisticated work, so in very few cases less than minimum charge may apply but there is no need to worry we will let you know about it before order placement if that occurs.

Hope we have cleared all of your doubts and questions, if you still feel like asking something please don’t be shy you can contact our customer care executive or email us at sales@futurapromo.com

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